Personal Emergency Response Systems Reviews / Testimonials

"My prescriptions really became overwhelming, and I know how important it is to take them on the right schedule. Now, I don't give it a thought. The MMS dispenses the right pills at the right time-one less thing for me to worry about."

- Stan M., Massachusetts

"I wanted the alert pendant- but when I found out it also included security and smoke alarms, it was a no-brainer. For less than I was paying for my alarm system, I now have a system designed for my health and my security. I highly recommend Personal Emergency Response."

- Joyce M., Michigan

"After my heart attack,my children were worried about me living alone. Personal Emergency Response put all our minds at ease - I sleep easier, and I think they do, too!"

- Sherry C., Florida

"Now that I’m living alone, a security system is really important to me. This has all the benefits of an alarm, smoke detector and more and a panic button in case I have any other kind of problem. The hands free voice response and low pricing make it a smart choice. Everyone should have Personal Emergency Response at home!"

- Martha N., Ohio

"With two children and our busy schedules, we needed a security system that was easy to use for us, our children and babysitters. Personal Emergency Response has 2-way hands free voice contact, so we’re talking to a real person instantly in case of a problem. It makes our life so much easier."

- Tom & Liz R., Indiana

"The first time I fell, it was so unexpected - I laid there for over an hour before I could get to the phone for help.The next day, we ordered Personal Emergency Response and I couldn't be happier."

- Martha N.,Ohio

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Personal Emergency Response Systems Reviews / Testimonials

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